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The police chargesheet comes nearly three months after the case came to light in which government officials were allegedly.

Sahir’s poetic gloom Auteur Guru Dutt’s labour of love Pyaasa’s legacy in the Indian cinematic canon is indisputable.


Some minority ethnic groups are strongly represented, with 6.7% from an Indian background compared with.

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A Chinese remake of a Bollywood thriller about a father who’ll go to any lengths to protect his daughter is doing very well at the box office—even though viewers couldn’t help but notice a rather.

The result is our list of the best films of 2019, a document of the year in movies that reflects the broader arc of hopes.

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In a country where sex education is.

which is separate from its audio books platform Audible, to pay special attention to the medium. Catering to the many Indias: Overcoming the language barrier in.

That includes Eva, who, according to her own recounting in addition to notes from medical personnel, caseworkers, and therapists, was systematically lured, coerced, and threatened by a man who amassed.

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