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Wife Exchange Episode-7 Unseen VideoDaughter vs. daughter-in-law: Kareena Kapoor Khan gets the best reply from Sharmila Tagore – The relationship between a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law is often fraught, or at least that’s what we are made to believe.

The film rests on the horrifying possibility that a reputed fertility clinic would mix up the sperm samples of two men, while.

Many things may have changed across the world, but “going to the movies.

Indian Army, and how he leads 21 Sikh soldiers in.

Based on her complaint, the airport police filed a complaint under Indian Penal Code Sections.

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How he gets comically caught in a web of lies as he juggles between his wife (played by Bhumi) and his extra-marital affair.

Every year, Indian women get more confirmation that their country doesn’t respect their right to a life free of violence.

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Memorable Meal: Nothing beats my wife’s culinary skill and I enjoy it every day.

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