Indian Forest Rape

India, a plural society is undergoing the pangs of communalisation at a rapid pace. In this process the religious minorities.

Though Zaidi was bailed out by the Supreme Court in April 2019, Zaidi is now struggling to get bail after his plea was.

Safoora Zargar is 27 years old, student of Jamia Millia Islamia, 21-weeks-pregnant and in jail under India’s anti-terrorism.

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Here is a detailed analysis of the human-animal enmity in India, and its repercussions on the wildlife population.

Coastal districts of Andhra became the rear of the Telangana movement, with the Andhra unit providing shelter and help to cadre and people under the Nizam’s attacks. The Congress government in the.

The two women attempted to escape the factory in January but a factory supervisor hunted them down and brought them back.

Odd source – Facebook’s policy on hate speech; cruelty against animals must be stopped.

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Words like Kallu, Chinki, and Adivasi are so casually used as an insult that neither the user nor the victim understands the.