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Photograph: Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images Pakistan is at a crossroads regarding its social, political and economic destiny. It.

The blurred gender lines – The gender lines are blurring in many occupations that were previously dominated by one sex or the other. And, this is a good.

During the proceedings, when he claims that Pakistani women already enjoy “all their rights”, many in the courtroom cannot .

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He was convicted of raping ex-actress Jessica Mann in 2013 and of forcibly performing oral sex on former production assistant.

Sex is natural but gender is a social and cultural product. In Pakistan, the population of women has increased 1% from the.

And, does an exploiter, an owner of capital, a recipient of big profit, women in appearance, in the United States or in.

Once lured by Canadian dream, a ‘good wife’ grows up – It is us, the women, who have completely internalised its ethos and always look for excuses to justify its hold over the.

Mexico City saw the worst violence, but there were also clashes in Islamist countries including Algeria and Pakistan. Women.

Year 2019 — Kabir Singh featured Shahid Kapoor in the lead whose heart would beat only for the character played by Kiara.