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"My initial thought was, ‘I need everybody to forget who the fuck I am.’ And the only way to do that is to push myself away.".

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She doesn’t name her blackmailers, but I’m gonna go ahead and say fuck them for trying to take this away from her. Nikki has.

“I can like your song and not give a fuck about you. Soo many times I’ve gone on live and purposely played your song like.

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The hype videos conveyed the tone that nobody is taking.

weird humour — as evidenced by the team’s slogan, “Ultra as Fuck,

"I was like, ‘man, fuck. I might have to fight this dude.’" Kobe Bryant recently joined Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their "All The Smoke" podcast and there were plenty of old school stories to.

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“Carl,” one of his followers wrote. “The fuck, bro?” In videos he allegedly uploaded to the swatting chat channel, Kelley not.

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I happily explored sex like never before. More than something I wanted; having a fuck buddy became something I never knew I.